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About our jewellery making workshops kids/adults say:-

"I learned a lot of different ways to end off bracelets and how to make earrings and how to keep everything secure. I learned how to attach charms to earrings and how you can use different tools to open up jump rings the right way. Thank you for teaching me all the different ways to make earrings and crimp the ends of bracelets. I learned a lot".


"I liked the hands on experience. It was tailored to our needs and it was an easy-going and comfortable environment".


"I liked that we focused on exactly what we were interested in learning. It was easy to follow. Time flies when having fun! Thanks!".


About our box decoration and jewellery making kits parents say:-

"The girls loved the activities and it was easy to organise. Thank-you for all of your fantastic assistance in providing great entertainment for my daughter Chloe's 9th birthday party. The girls thoroughly enjoyed decorating the jewellery boxes and making bracelets. Katie and Jane were a pleasure to deal with. Thank-you".


About our parties parents/adults say:-

"Both ladies were very patient with all the children. The party was great and the kids appeared to have a fantastic time".


"It was a well presented and well organised party. Katie and Jane are very friendly and are very organised with their jewellery parties. Kids all enjoyed making their jewellery. Would highly recommend Katie and Jane for anyone interested in having a jewellery party".


"Katie and Jane were excellent with the kids. The bead selection was amazing. The bracelets were just beautiful! Keep doing what you're doing-fantastic. I will recommend you to family and friends".


"It was all really good. Your patience and time with the children was great. All the jewellery and stickers were fantastic. Very well done and thank you very much".


"We liked that Katie and Jane were organised and arrived early to prepare. They were able to bring tables and everything that was needed. They were flexible with the timing of how the party was going to run. There was lots of variety of stickers, beads, charms etc. Katie and Jane were very friendly and motherly with the children. It was good having the option of jewellery box decoration, making charm bracelets, and a game.The party was fantastic and great; thank-you so much".


"All the girls had a wonderful time. The jewellery boxes are so cute and the girls really enjoyed decorating the boxes. So many beads to choose from-the girls loved making their bracelets. It was a pleasure meeting Katie and Jane. I recommend Katie and Jane for all girls' birthday parties".


"I liked the creativeness of the party and that the children had fun. The timing worked well and the girls had a great time".


"It was fantastic to have the activities all organised for me. The jewelry box making was lots of fun for the girls and the bracelet making brought out the creativity in all of them. I loved that Jane and Katie were so organised and able to interact with the girls so well. Thankyou for bringing such joy to my daughter's party. It was great for us to be able to sit back and relax knowing that the kids were thoroughly entertained. And how wonderful that the kids get to take home some beautiful craft. Thankyou Katie and Jane. We'll recommend you to all our friends".


"You were terrific, attentive, on time, fully organised. We would recommend you"


"The party was so easy and great! Fantastic kids' party. Katie and Jane were born for this role. Kids thoroughly enjoyed the day. Creative learning and play, and a fun party".


"We liked everything about the party! It was easy to organise, the girls loved decorating their jewellery boxes and making their bracelets. Katie and Jane were very encouraging, guiding the girls while letting them be creative. Will definitely recommend you to others!"


"The party was well organised, with a great selection of beads. The name stamped charms were a lovely touch. Katie and Jane-thank you! The girls had a lot of fun and really enjoyed making their bracelets".


"Katie and Jane, you were both so organised and calm and I loved that I was able to watch Mia and her friends having such a lovely time instead of running around trying to do everything. The selection and quality of the beads and gifts were outstanding. Your interactions with the girls was lovely and it was such great value too. Thank-you".


"Katie and Jane-thank you for making Bianca's 6th Birthday a great success with lots of fun and creativity. The girls thoroughly enjoyed decorating their jewellery boxes and making their bracelets. You were well organised, friendly, patient and on time. Presentation of the jewellery boxes, working table and variety of beads made it inviting for the girls to be very creative. I would definitely book another party as it

was stress free, lots of fun and no mess as you both took care of tidying up and packing away the equipment. I would highly recommend you both to friends and families to host their child's next party".


"The party was well organised, ran smoothly, and kids get to take something home which is great. We were very satisfied. Thank-you for such a well run party."


"There was a gorgeous selection of beads. Ten girls was just the right number. Thank-you for giving boys some great options. There were great displays of pre-made jewellery"


"Katie and Jane, I just wanted to say thank you for the great job you did at Ciara's party. It was a great success - all of the kids had a great time, and they love their wonderful creations! You organised the jewellery-making very well. The girls have been raving about the party all week at school - some are even talking about getting you to do their next party. My daughter and her friends absolutely loved the "Gems and Jewels" party. A fantastic idea for girls in the 'tween' years - not too childish, and not too grown-up. Perfect! Thanks again!"


"I liked that Katie and Jane arrived and set up early ready for the kids to come, the fact that there were so many beads, and it was very organised. I was very happy with the service. Katie and Jane were nice and friendly, and interacted very well with the kids".


"Katie and Jane were a pleasure to deal with and we were delighted with their professionalism and attitude. We look forward to working together again".

-Friendship Circle

"The kids had fun making their own jewellery and they enjoyed it a lot"


"The selection of beads was a lot. Katie and Jane were most patient and very dedicated to their craft"


"I got to make jewellery by myself. Great!"


"Brings out creativity and fun"


"Making jewellery was fun and interesting"


About our partieskids/teens say:-

"I liked the assistance and everything about the party"


"I liked everything"


"I loved the jewellery making-it was fun!"


"I liked that there were gorgeous beads"


"It was fun. You got to make what you wanted"

-Carmen & Sonia

"I liked making the jewellery"


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